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Before you decide to have a cat friend, consider it with care and responsibility. A cat can keep you company for many years, it's not just a toy that you can put off when you are no more interested. Here are the conditions of adoption that every serious applicant for a cat must meet.

Applicants for an animal must be over 18 years old, have a valid ID card/passport or other document that replaces it. A cat cannot be adopted by a third party, e. g. indirectly, or as a gift without us meeting the final owner in person.


Adopted animals are ment to live only in the interior of a house or a flat without having any chance to run off or live only in the secured area attached to the house so the owner is always aware of where a cat is and a cat does not have any chance to leave the boundaries of the plot. Windows and balconies have to be secured by a net or a grid.  


An animal is adopted on the basis of an adoption contract which defines the rights and obligations of both parties. Felis silvestris, z. s., reserves the right to control compliance with the conditions.

New owner is obliged to return an animal to the shelter if he/she can no longer take care of it and undertakes to provide true news about cat’s life and health conditions.


If new owner adopts an uncastrated animal, he/she is obliged to have the animal spayed/neutered at a proper age.

Adoption fee is CZK 300 for a vaccinated and dewormed kitten, CZK 600 for a vaccinated, dewormed and spayed/neutered adult cat. The actual cost of rescuing and treating an animal is at least threefold.

An adopter undertakes to provide the best possible living conditions, e.g. enough love and attention, suitable food, space for free movement around the apartment or house. Provide the necessary hygiene, have the animal regularly dewormed, vaccinated against infectious diseases, provide the animal with the necessary veterinary treatment, secure the apartment or house with nets, bars or grids to avoid animal escapes or any accidents.

An adopter will allow members of Felis silvestris, z. s., to inspect an adopted animal and is aware that if the conditions specified in the adoption contract are violated, Felis silvestris, z. s., reserves the right to take the animal away from the owner’s possesion. The adopter undertakes to provide true reports about the adopted animal regularly.

If an adopter is not able to provide a cat with all necessary care for various reasons, he will immediately return the animal to the shelter Felis silvestris, z. s. The abandonment of animal is considered as a criminal offence according to the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act dated April 15, 1992, n. 246/1992. The loss or death of the adopted animal shall be immediately reported to the members of Felis silvestris, z. s.

The first visit to the shelter is always non-binding. It serves those interested in adoption to see how things are going in our shelter and to get acquainted with cats for immediate adoption or future booking. Of course, a specific cat can be booked on the spot and we can agree when a future owner comes to pick up the cat. Due to the fact that in a new home it is necessary to offer the same dry food and the same cat litter that we use in the shelter for at least two to three months, or to equip the interior with basic necessities such as a scratching post, toilet, etc., it usually takes several days before the pet can leave for a new home.

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